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Migraine Linked to Double Risk for Silent Stroke

Adults with migraine have an increased risk for ischemic silent brain infarction relative to their migraine-free peers, a new study confirms. Migraine is a neurovascular condition of the brain, with a small increased risk of silent brain infarctions, a risk factor for clinical stroke. While the risk may be small, migraine patients with vascular risk…
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Vitamin D Gets Mixed Results in Prospective Asthma Trial

Vitamin D supplementation has no significant effect on the overall rate of first treatment failure or exacerbation in patients with asthma and low vitamin D levels, according to the Vitamin D Add-on Therapy Enhances Corticosteroid Responsiveness in Asthma (VIDA) trial. However, in subjects who reached normal vitamin D levels, there were significant reductions in exacerbations…
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Parents Can Learn to Help Relieve Pain During Vaccinations

Parents who worry about the pain caused by needle sticks might choose to delay or avoid vaccinating their children, which could undermine immunization, the study authors warn. According to the new study from The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, breastfeeding babies or giving them sugar water during the actual needle stick, using topical anesthetic…
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Over the Counter Options May Alleviate Some Severe Migraines

Ibuprofen and Excedrin both relieve the pain and symptoms of severe migraines better than placebos, according to a new study. Researchers re-analyzed data from a clinical trial and found that more than half of the people taking either of the two non-prescription drugs reported some relief, though Excedrin, containing caffeine, performed best. Excedrin, a combination…
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